“A dead thing can go with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it.”

Maybe I should have called this blog “Against The Stream”. Being a living thing, I’ve gotten tired of the cess pool of dead things that are the social media platforms. No, I’m not abandoning them. They are just not the proper place to write about important subjects or have important and contentious (but civil) discussions. Hence, this blog.

And I’ve called it “The Riddles Of God” partially because I really want (to try) to concentrate on the truly important topics in religion, spirituality, culture and, yes, politics. I don’t want to just rehash the same tired old screaming that takes place on twitter. Those are Man’s solutions. God’s mysteries are much more fascinating and fun to ponder. There should be humor and animated discussion and hard thinking and wonder. Not shouting and denunciations.

Will I be able to pull that off? Now there’s a riddle…